Mar 17, 2023 | By: Mary Balstad

Grassroots Organization Works to “Keep it Clean” During Fish House Removals

A grassroots organization is starting to make an impact at the state level through an environmentally-focused bill.

Ice fishing may be a staple to the outdoor activities of the northwoods, but with the crowds comes the trash. In response to the growing tons of trash and human waste brought and sometimes left by anglers, the Keep It Clean initiative started over 10 years ago and advocates being “nice to the ice” and creatures that live in and around the lakes.

HF 2745 in the House and its companion bill SF 2789 in the Senate aim to hold people responsible and create less waste to wash up on shorelines come springtime. Under the proposed bills, if a DNR conservation officer catches a person littering, they can be find $25 per violation.

The deadline to remove fish houses in the northern third of Minnesota is Monday, March 20, except for houses at the Canadian border, where the deadline is March 31.

More information on the Keep it Clean initiative can be found on their website.

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