May 29, 2014 | By: Lakeland PBS

Golden Apple, Viktor Celebrated Cass Lake Bena Elementary becoming a Touchdown Score



Cass Lake Bena Elementary School showed their Viking spirit during their special assembly hosted by Minnesota Vikings’ mascot Viktor. The school received the special assembly for becoming NFL Play 60 Touchdown School. Only the top schools that compete in the NFL’s Fuel up to Play 60 receive the honor.
Cass Lake Bena Elementary School Principal, Janey Blanchard, says, “I think its great to show that we have a great gifted and talented program. We have an awesome teacher. And we have kids that have been participating in it. It’s just another great thing Cass Lake does well.”
During the assembly Viktor reminded the students how important it is to eat healthy and be active for 60 minutes every day.
Taryn Frazer, Cass Lake Bena fourth grader, says, “Real important because you have to keep your body healthy. And to be able to have a good life a health life.”
Today’s assembly started in the cafeteria at the beginning of the school year with the Lunch Bunch Group. A group that emphasized eating healthy and exercising 60 minutes a day.
Emily Alger, the Lunch Bunch Group and Advancing Natural Talents teacher, says, “Our school has participated in the fuel up to play 60 program this year. We’ve been having fun challenging each other to stay active and live healthy lifestyles. And this has been a great leadership opportunity for the kids to really take charge and following the six steps to achieving our touchdown status.”
Blanchard says, “They love it. You can see them going to it. They talk about it. Having them be on the announcements that was great that was so character building for them.”
The school drafted a 30 student team to kickoff the event at the beginning of the school year. The team’s goal was to light up the school board by having the students become the quarterbacks for healthier habits.
Cass Lake Bena fourth grader, Amira LaDuke, says, “We did the announcements and said what we were going to do. And on Fridays we would draw names and they would win prizes.”
Blanchard says, “They’ve done very well with it. You can see that they’re eating breakfast, they’re making healthy choices. Of course we only offer healthy choices, but you can see that they’re eating more and they’re not throwing away the stuff they probably wouldn’t have tried before.”
The school says the program has helped the students be healthier and better leaders.

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