May 15, 2014 | By: Lakeland PBS

Golden Apple: Students Plant Trees For Arbor Day

Students from J.W. Smith Elementary are getting some hands on experience learning about trees. In honor of Arbor Day, the Bemidji Parks & Recreation Department invited students to Gordon Falls Park to learn more about the role of trees in the community.

As part of the celebration, students dug in and planted three American Linden trees in the park. Students also heard from speakers about the importance of preserving and protecting trees like the ones they helped plant.

The Bemidji Parks & Recreation Department hopes that teaching the importance of trees to these kids will help preserve them in Bemidji for years to come. J.W. Smith Elementary teacher Brianna Duff said, “I mean that’s all you can do is give them the knowledge and tell them what might happen if we don’t keep planting trees and hopefully they take a stand too and make sure we preserve our parks.”

Each student was given a tree to take home and plant at the end of the celebration. The students hope to care for these trees at home and in the park, and visit them in the future.

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