Jan 30, 2015 | By: Lakeland PBS

Golden Apple: PAES Labs Preparing Brainerd HS Students for Real World

Clocking in and getting to work. Some Brainerd High School students are getting real world work experience in the classroom to better prepared for the real world. The program is called PAES, which stands for Practical Assessment Exploration System, and for the last two years it’s allowed students to try different career paths before graduation.
The students can try jobs in Business/Marketing, Computer Technology, Construction/Industrial, Process/Production and food serves/housekeeping.
The students say this program gives them a leg up against other neighboring high school students.
The students clock in and out every class and get paid minimum wage. After two weeks of PAES Labs the students receive a pay check to use at the classroom’s store to buy highly inflated items.
Most of the skills taught in the PAES Lab are work related like cash register, customer service, design and packaging skills, however the students are also learning everyday skills like rewiring lights and fixing household pluming. The students say they’re excited to use these skills outside the classroom.

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