Jan 16, 2015 | By: Lakeland PBS

Golden Apple: Breakfast with the Warriors

Forestview Middle School is cooking up some extra excitement about their school’s breakfasts. Yesterday Forestview Middle School used money from a state grant to promote each student having a breakfast before class.
While breakfast was the main event, Forestview’s students got a chance to eat breakfast and hangout some Brainerd High School varsity athletes.
The Forestview student council picked today’s menu and even had students serving up what they say is an important start to their day.
Forestview created yesterday’s Breakfast with the Warriors to remind students to at least come to the cafeteria every morning to eat breakfast. While the school doesn’t envision having events like this every day, they are looking into having similar events to encourage more students to eat breakfast.
The students say eating breakfast improves test scores and their mood. And Forestview’s kitchen staff says they’re looking to find the healthiest breakfasts while still appealing to their students’ tastes.

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