Nov 29, 2022 | By: Ryan Bowler

Crow Wing Co. Invites City & Township Reps to Discuss Short-Term Rental Policy

Short-term rental property ordinances within Crow Wing County are continuing to cause disagreement among different cities and townships. The Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners recently invited representatives from several different cities and townships to discuss the best course of action moving forward.

Short-term rentals are considered individual properties rented out for anytime less than 30 days.The Crow Wing County Board used their public health authority to create a health ordinance for select zones within the county that don’t already have their own individual ordinance regarding short-term rentals.

With a packed house of different representatives from all across the county at the meeting, board members asked each of them how they believe the policy should be handled moving forward. While some would like to see big changes to the policy, including banning short-term rentals, others would like the county ordinance to remain as it is.

In addition, some cities and townships want the county to be in charge of regulating the ordinance while others feel they have the right to create their own standards.

The county made revisions to the ordinance on Nov. 7, but it was not finalized at the time due to some backlash. The county will now look to draft a new ordinance to take effect on Jan. 1.

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