Mar 5, 2021 | By: Lakeland News

Cleanup Continues After Thursday Diesel Fuel Spill in Bemidji

The cleanup continued Friday after a diesel fuel spill in Bemidji Thursday afternoon.

About 75 gallons of fuel spilled after a nearby business experienced a failed valve in an emergency backup generator, which caused diesel fuel to be pushed out of the vent and into the alleyway. Officials were on scene for about two hours Thursday and continued cleanup for most of Friday.

Bemidji Fire Chief Justin Sherwood says his department is thankful that with concerns of the fuel getting into sewers or drainage and eventually into waterways, the spill was smaller than expected and that they had assistance to deal with it, including Beltrami Industrial Services.

The spill occurred in an alley at 519 Beltrami Ave. NW in downtown Bemidji. The fuel initially ran about 300 feet south down the alley and then went east across the Bemidji School District office parking lot and into Beltrami Ave.

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