Sep 2, 2022 | By: Hanky Hazelton

City of Randall Finally on the Mend After Major Flooding

The city of Randall, which was severely impacted by flooding in June, is finally on the mend. Thanks to the work of individuals and corporate and nonprofit donations, the town is starting to recover from the natural disaster.

Since June 24th, Randall has slowly started to recover from when rain and flooding damaged businesses and homes. With the help of the Initiative Foundation and many others, there has been a significant amount of money raised and multiple events supporting the community. So far, there has been a little over $100,000 raised, and it’s all being used to help Randall residents.

The city is still dealing with a lot, including the issue of having one of two of their water wells currently offline. Most of the flooding clean-up is done, but with estimated damages around $2 million, not everyone has had their needs fulfilled.

But natural disasters tend to bring out the best in people, and after the flood, the city of Randall is choosing to have a positive attitude that we can all learn from.

The city of Randall has already received an outpouring of community support, but financial relief is still need for some residents. Anyone able to help out can make donations out to the Randall State Bank or the Initiative Foundation.

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