Jun 30, 2014 | By: Lakeland PBS

Camp Ripley hosts Norwegian Home Guard during The American Dinner

One local non-profit is firing up the grill (PAUSE) to give the Norwegian Homegaurd a taste of Minnesota. Serving Our Troops have helped send deploying Minnesota troops offs with full stomachs for over ten years and they say it’s their way of giving back.
One of Serving Our Troops team leaders, Dennis Rosemark, says, “These are people who could be our principals during the school year possibly. Or they could be our plumbers or our electricians; or Joe Citizens for a good chunk of their time. But they’ve made the commitment to sacrifice their time to help out Minnesota and sometimes the country as a whole. So we think that it is important that we do acknowledge the soldiers themselves as well as their families saying a thank you for the sacrifices that they are making.”
This time Serving Our Troops honored the Norwegian troops, who’re in their second week of training at Camp Ripley as part of the Norwegian Exchange Program (NOREX).
Arlid Früland, Norwegian Home Gaurd chef, says, “It’s a good feeling because, everyone is so nice to us and helping us out. It’s a way to show me that I think.”
The Norwegians says they’re honored Serving Our Troops hosted The American Meal for them. And they’ve enjoyed their America experience at Camp Ripley.
Früland says, “I think for me it’s a big experience because I haven’t been in the US before. So I like it and I like it so far. I think the whole trip will be good. So I want to say thank you.”
The American Meal was Camp Ripley’s response to the Norwegian Meal the night before.

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