Aug 11, 2023 | By: Justin Othoudt

Brainerd’s Reichert Bus Service Hosts Annual “Test Drive a School Bus” Event

On Tuesday, the Brainerd Lakes community got a chance to get behind the wheel of a large yellow bus with Reichert Bus Service’s annual “Test Drive a School Bus” event.

“If you feel intimidated and you kind of have that feeling like maybe you’d be interested in driving a bus, but you’re scared. Come on in and get behind the wheel of the bus,” said Reichert Bus Service dispatcher Gwen Clemmer.

This event has become something of a tradition for Reichert, as each year, they hope to get community members interested in the art of bus driving.

“We are always welcoming anybody from the community to answer questions whether you want a test drive or not.” said Clemmer.

“Last year I did this, I took a bus from the lower parking lot at Brainerd High School and found out how easy it really is to drive a bus,” explained Reichert Bus Service School bus driver Kevin Ferrell. “So signing up for it after that was just kind of the perfect thing for me.”

One of the main driving forces of the day’s event is to reduce the amount of anxiety that would-be bus drivers might be facing.

“We can answer any questions and walk you through the whole process. We have trainers on site that will help you every step of the way,” said Clemmer.

Reichert hopes this test drive event will encourage more community members to become bus drivers so that they can provide local youth with safe transport to and from school.

“Making sure that, you know, every day you’re getting the kids to school safely and home safely is a big part of the job. And I think that’s why I like it so much,” said Ferrell.

The event also saw local radio station WJJY broadcast at the event to help promote it to the community.

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