Jan 30, 2014 | By: Lakeland PBS

Brainerd’s Discovery Woods school among few in U.S. to use rare “Montessori” style education


It’s a rare teaching style that can be found in certain spots worldwide, even in Brainerd. In these classrooms, there are no desks, no seat assignments, no consistent assignments, and the teacher blends in right with the students.

Discovery Woods is one of thousands of rare schools in the nation that refer to their education as Montessori. Montessori styled-teaching developed from an Italian physician.

It emphasizes freedom with methods of learning for each child, depending on his or her own psychological, physical, or intellectual needs.  The style also tries to give each student more reign over how they learn. It’s also very hands-on and visual based. Most importantly, this type of education highly values maintaining a student’s desire to learn and to stoke a fire for curiosity.

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