Dec 29, 2020 | By: Lakeland News

Brainerd Man Facing Domestic Assault Charges Following Christmas Incident

Troy Petersen

A Brainerd man is facing domestic assault charges following an incident on Christmas.

Brainerd police were asked to contact the female victim via phone in regards to a domestic disturbance that happened around 5:45 PM. Police were able to talk with the victim where she explained that Troy Petersen, who was known to the victim, had approached her and saw that she was wearing a “Smiles for Jake” baseball cap. According to the criminal complaint, Petersen does not like one of the founders of the “Smiles for Jake” charity.

The victim told police that Petersen became upset about the hat and started cursing at her. Petersen then got very close to the victim when shouted something along the lines of “get back.” Petersen then allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat and pushed her up against a kitchen cabinet, squeezing around her neck very tightly and choking the victim for about 10 seconds before he let go.

Petersen has one prior qualified domestic violence-related conviction, and on Feb. 6, 2018, Petersen was convicted of misdemeanor assault in the 5th degree.

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