Jun 7, 2024 | By: Sammy Holladay

Benefit Held for Crow Wing County Deputy Fighting Cancer

On Sunday, more than one hundred people gathered at Roundhouse Brewery in Nisswa. Everyone had the same goal, which was to support Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Deputy Jaden Hanson.

Deputy Hanson has a rare form of cancer where tumors form in the adrenal glands, and that cancer has now spread to his liver. With more common forms of cancer, some treatment plans are outlined. But because of the rarity of the cancer Hanson has, treatment plans are harder to map out.

Hanson says he has faith that his plans have been laid out by a higher power.

“For myself, the biggest part was understanding that I’m going to have to wait, and waiting is the hardest part just because it’s an unknown,” he said. “So like this, five months now to my – four months now till my next appointment, it’s a lot of unknowns. So it’s waiting, but understanding where my faith is, understanding that God has my back and has the plan and has it written out for me.”

Seeing the amount of people who came out to shows their support shows that no matter how hard it can get, Deputy Hanson will never be fighting this fight alone.

“I honestly, I don’t know if words can even explain the support we have right now, that I feel right now, from people that I know of, people I’ve never heard of, seen,” admitted Hanson. “I know there’s support but it’s it’s something I couldn’t even imagine. So seeing it, it seems like a dream.”

The support from people he had not met before has been humbling, but the support he receives each day from his family is what gives him the strength to carry on.

“My family’s is my backbone. Without them, I’d be I’d be struggling much more than I am now,” Hanson added. “They’ve been there since day one, literally since day one. The moment I called and told them that this is the new life and this is what I’ll be dealing with now. And they’ve always been there, whether it was just coming down to appointments, spend a week, spend a couple of days watching my watching my kids, if I can’t take care of them while I’m gone and my family’s been the world and I’m very, very blessed to have have what I have.”

Following the benefit, Hanson was presented with a check for over $47,000 by Lakes Area Heroes.

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