Sep 23, 2019 | By: Malaak Khattab

Bemidji State University Accepting Items For 2019 Time Capsule

A time capsule filled with items that represent Bemidji State University today is scheduled to be buried next week to commemorate the university’s centennial celebration. The Centennial Task Force at BSU is still seeking items.

The idea of planting a box in the ground that’s full of articles and trinkets for people to see in the future is one of the oldest methods of communication, one that the Centennial Task Force at Bemidji State University is gearing up to do.

“Historically, when you open up or when one opens up a time capsule, it really tells a great story about a very specific time. So, what we want to do is tell a story of 2019 Bemidji State University when this is opened up,” said Coleen Deel, Bemidji State University Interlibrary Loan and Collection Management Librarian.

So far, they’ve managed to get items that are related to BSU’S 100th class, a Bucky Beaver bobble head, and BSU apparel. Deel said they’re also including student and community voices like editions of the Northern Student, BSU’s student magazine, and a Bemidji Pioneer newspaper. They’re also determining what American Indian artifacts to include that will represent American Indian culture.

“The university being very fortunately situated between three of the largest tribal nations really emphasizes the importance of understanding the cultures around us. So, having the American Indian Resource Center’s input on what goes into the time capsule is very important,” said Rachel Munson, Bemidji State University Digital Communications Specialist.

The time capsule container will be able to hold a lot of items. Deel said the hope is to fill up the box as much as they possibly can.

“There’s a seal around the top and around the lid, that once its closed and screwed in it’s really going to seal up, so we don’t have to worry about bugs getting in there, or dirt getting in there or a lot of air getting in there over the years,” Deel said.

The time capsule will be buried right between Bridgeman Hall and the lower level of the Hobson Memorial Union.

“We’re gonna have a huge boulder placed on top with a huge plaque that will say ‘Bemidji State University Centennial Time Capsule,’  and then later in the spring the faculty department on campus, they will be planting a small garden around it,” Munson said.

Folks are encouraged to submit contemporary BSU mementos that date back to 2010.

“We have a lot of materials right now that showcase the way that the institution sees itself; we’re really excited to also invite materials from students and from facility and from staff and how they see the institution,” Deel said.

Students can fill out a form found on the BSU Centennial website where they can suggest items, or they can drop off materials to Munson’s office on the third floor in Deputy Hall.

People have until next week to submit an item to be put in the time capsule. The planting of the capsule will take place between Bridgeman Hall and the lower level of the Hobson Memorial Union at 4 p.m. on October 3. People can submit items on the BSU Centennial website.

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