Mar 21, 2023 | By: Lakeland News

Bemidji School Board Passes Policy to Provide Emergency Overdose Medication

Bemidji Area Schools officially passed a new policy at Monday night’s school board meeting.

This policy would allow the district to provide emergency overdose medication to an individual should the need arise. Superintendent Jeremy Olson said that this new policy came as the result of a statewide demand to such medication available.

“We want make sure we are, just like having an AED in our schools, we want to make sure that we have lifesaving overdose medication in place,” said Olson. “So, because we have community events in all of our schools, we want to make sure that’s in place and it provides a safeguard to our students, our community, our staff, and so forth.”

The school board unanimously agreed to the new policy.

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