Bemidji Public Library Adds Legal Kiosk

COVID-19 has changed how many things work, one of which being the legal system. Many court dates have been modified to take place over Zoom. This means that those without access to a computer or reliable internet may not have access to their court dates. This is part of what’s called a digital divide. In order to bridge this gap, the Minnesota Legal Service Coalition created legal kiosks to be placed throughout the state. There are over 260 kiosks set up throughout Minnesota, one of which has been placed in the Bemidji Public Library. Because there is only one kiosk and it is a small private room, the library asks that people make reservations beforehand, but they are not required. To make an appointment to use the legal kiosk, you can call 218-751-3963. Lakeland News is member supported content. Please consider supporting Lakeland News today.Donate Today