May 8, 2019 | By: Malaak Khattab

Beltrami County Wants Residents Prepared For 2020 Census

Beltrami County is preparing for the 2020 Census and wants the public to know that it will be mailed sometime in March.

Commissioners at the Beltrami County Board meeting listened as Beltrami County Administrative Specialist Diane Moe spoke about the census report and how they’re trying to organize a group of people to educate the public.

The 2020 Census will have around 11 questions. This year, people will have the option to fill out their census online. Moe said people seem to be most concerned about their confidentiality.

“They don’t collect what people think as extremely personal information – for example, they are not taking Social Security numbers from people, bank account information,” Moe said. “Really, what they are looking for is household counts of people that live in the house, in the community, rent or own, that kind of stuff.”

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