Nov 11, 2022 | By: Mary Balstad

Beltrami County Sheriff-Elect Jason Riggs Speaks on Landslide Victory

After three months of candidates campaigning and door knocking, the results for Beltrami County’s new sheriff are in. With just over 68% of the vote, Jason Riggs, currently a captain with the Sheriff’s Office, has won the race.

This familiar face will now take over the position of Beltrami County Sheriff following current Sheriff Ernie Beitel’s retirement. The landslide victory on Tuesday night was a pleasant surprise for Riggs, but not entirely unexpected, as he did take the August primary against Bidal Duran and Chief Deputy Jarrett Walton with roughly 55% of the vote.

“I was really, really surprised by the results, as far as the margins,” said Riggs. “I was cautiously optimistic just with the feedback I was getting from the community.”

Now, Riggs looks to continue this strong community support going into his new role. Upon taking the position of sheriff, Riggs states there are two priorities he wishes to focus on. The first is recruitment and retention of staff for Beltrami County’s law enforcement. The second is focusing on the potentially multi-million-dollar jail project.

Even with the 2022 campaign trail behind him, there was plenty that Riggs learned he could apply to his upcoming tenure as sheriff.

“Being transparent is the key,” said Riggs, explaining the three areas where this will most likely take place. “Communication with the community and with the people of the Beltrami County Sheriff’s office, and keeping the community what’s appraised of what’s going on.”

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