May 20, 2024 | By: Miles Walker

Baxter City Council Beginning Talks for Cypress Drive Construction

Construction for the dead end on Cypress Drive in Baxter may be revisited in the near future.

Last month, Short Elliott Hendrickson consultant engineer Neil Heinonen presented a feasibility report for the connection of Cypress Drive to Woida Road. This is part of the city’s plan to create parallel corridors to Highway 371, which has been discussed for roughly two decades.

Brad Chapulis, Baxter City Administrator, explained to Lakeland News that, “With the improvements that are being done at the Inglewood intersection and railroad crossing at [Highway] 210, we’ve now established the parallel corridor on the West Side, that being Inglewood to the south side of the railroad tracks and then Foley and Isle Drive all the way down to [Highway] 48 creates that parallel corridor. On the east side is Cypress Drive.”

Chapulis stated that there is no concrete timetable yet for construction on the Cypress-Woida connection, but the city is engaged in introductory talks with the Minnesota Department of transportation.

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