Backroads: MIDIots

MIDIots perform their imaginative and inventive sound at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji. We also discuss with MIDIots’ members Del Lyren and Greg Gaston how...

Backroads: Anthony Lamb

Singer/songwriter Anthony Lamb performs at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji, featuring his blend of guitar rhythms and empowering vocal melodies. We also discuss...

Backroads: Jim Olsen

Instrumentalist guitarist Jim Olsen joins us at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji for a performance. Jim also talks about when he first became interested in the harp...

Backroads: Bruce Archer

On this episode of Backroads, Bruce Archer is our guest performing his unique blend of blues, folk, and rock at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji. He also discusses...

Backroads: Caleigh

Caleigh presents their fusion of world folk, celtic, and bluegrass sound on Backroads. They also discuss what it’s like to explore different genres of music.

Profiles – Corey Medina & Brothers

Corey Medina of Corey Medina & Brothers talks about how he connects with an audience.

Profiles – Sam Miltich & the Clearwater Hot Club

Sam Miltich talks about the musical language he shares with musicians he plays with.

Profiles – Shannon Murray

Shannon Murray talks about what the experience of performing live is like.

Profiles – Lee “Bone” Sherseth

Lee “Bone” Sherseth talks about how he approaches songwriting.

Profiles – Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson talks about what music means to her.

Profiles – Corey Medina & Brothers

Hear Corey Medina & Brothers play a part of “Old Dog Cryin.'”

Profiles – Lance Benson

Lance Benson talks about some of the changes you have to make when becoming a solo artist.

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