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Meeting Explores Sandpiper Project’s Future

A pipeline project in the northern part of the United States is taking a new step. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is collecting information for writing an environmental impact statement over Enbridge Energy’s proposed Sandpiper route, which would move crude oil...

Petition Opposes Red Lake Settlement

A petition is moving between Red Lake Band members that could have an impact on the tribe’s decision to accept a settlement with Enbridge Energy over use of reservation land. Lakehead Pipeline Co. originally used the land with the idea that they had the right authorization....

Pipeline Trade Workers Unite to Educate the Community

Wednesday marked stop number three in the four-city tour of Northern Minnesota with pipeline trade workers. Their mission is to educate people about the safety procedures and hours of training that go into the pipeline industry. The tour’s final stop will be in Park Rapids...

Pipeline Controversy

Enbridge’s plan to build a new pipeline that runs through Minnesota has raised concerns about pollution, and a certificate of need awarded to the project has created more concerns. Find out more about the story here.

Mille Lacs Band Voices Concern About Sandpiper Pipeline

Enbridge’s Sandpiper Pipeline would take crude oil from North Dakota and pipe it through Minnesota to tankers in Wisconsin. Because part of the proposed route goes through the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe’s land, they say it’s their duty to speak for the land they’ve lived on for...
Posted On Jun. 6 2015
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Rosenmeier Oil, Water and Pipeline Forum

The purpose of the Enbridge Sandpiper pipeline is to take crude oil coming out of western North Dakota and transport them to be refined and used in the United States and Canada. The controversy of the pipeline is where it should run through Minnesota. Enbridge says a more...
Posted On Mar. 4 2015
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Sandpiper Pipeline Stirs Up Controversy in Bemidji

The Sandpiper Pipeline would pump millions of barrels of oil through Minnesota and provide over one thousand jobs, but it’s already stirring up major controversy before a single pipe has been places. A public hearing in Bemidji was an outlet today for supporters and...
Posted On Jan. 8 2015
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Enbridge Pushes New $7.5 Billion Pipeline Project

Enbridge Energy is pushing for a new $7.5 billion dollar pipeline project. The proposed Line 3 Replacement Project will update an existing line to carry thousands of barrels per day of crude oil from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin. Catherine Silver spoke to Enbridge...
Posted On Dec. 11 2014
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Groups Join Forces Against Sandpiper Oil Pipeline

Honor the Earth is continuing their fight against the Sandpiper oil pipeline, but this time, the environmental group is getting some help. Today, a crowd of people joined Winona LaDuke, the head of the Native American-led organization, to start the stop the Sandpiper alliance....
Posted On Jul. 7 2014
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Judge Rules Tribal Treaties Don’t Apply To Oil Pipelines

  An administrative law judge ruled that tribal treaties don’t give American Indians a say in choosing a route for the $2.6 billion dollar sandpiper oil pipeline. The Honor the Earth environmental group has argued in past months that historic treaties allow tribes to...
Posted On May. 23 2014
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