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Golden Apple: Class Launches Giant Balloon

Bemidji Middle School students spent weeks preparing for the big moment. Groups spent time coming up with ideas for what would be best to send into the air with a giant balloon. Their projects ranged from messing with plants to sending different types of eggs. A partnership with...

Golden Apple: BMS Science Fair

Middle school students were ready to show off research projects that took weeks of work. The annual science fair at Bemidji Middle School featured a gym full of project posterboards and other displays. Students were able to choose from 12 research categories, but had full...

Golden Apple: 8th Hour Program

A group of Park Rapids students in grades five, six and seven don’t run out the doors when their final period is over-they go to another classroom to hang out and learn about ways to stop bullying.
Posted On Jan. 7 2016

Golden Apple: Laporte Garden Harvest

Students were thrilled when the time came to harvest a garden they had planted months before. It was an effort that began in the spring, as community members, teachers and parents donated the items the school needed to begin planting seeds. It was the students who put a lot of...

Golden Apple: Kelliher Schools gets National Award

Kelliher Schools is nationally recognized with the bronze-level National Healthy Schools award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation organization.
Posted On Oct. 8 2015

Golden Apple: Play Off the Page Theater Group

Go, Create, and Inspire that is the motto that Mary Aalgard encourages her young theater students to achieve. This season the students are creating their own play called “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Home From School”. The Kids are using their imagination to put the play...
Posted On Sep. 24 2015

Golden Apple: Classroom Technology

In the school year’s first Golden Apple, we take a look at how technology is becoming a major factor in how Blackduck Schools operate academically. From elementary to high school courses, kids are using the internet in day-to-day activities. The district’s move to...

Golden Apple: A Prom To Remember

Johnny Anderson and Sophie Jurek both have a condition known as down syndrome. Their friendly and social personalities gained the attention of other students at Bemidji High School, and they decided to do something special in return. Find out more about the story here.

Golden Apple Wadena Day of Caring

Wolverine pride was seen throughout Wadena this week. Wadena Deer Creek sophomores, juniors and senior were out volunteering and giving back in the community during their Day of Caring. And this year four National Honors Society seniors organized the event. The high schoolers...
Posted On Apr. 30 2015
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