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Local Store Gives Back

The new Urban Treasures thrift shop located in Downtown Bemidji is doing it’s part to give back to the community. Every three months, the owners of Urban Treasures will give 1/3 of the proceeds of their donated items to the Bemidji School District’s lunch program to...
Posted On Feb. 7 2015
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Bemidji Schools Make up for Cold Weather

    Cold weather putting a kink in the school calendar. The Bemidji school board voted Thursday on how to makeup the five days and 1800 minutes of instruction missed because of dangerous sub-zero temperatures that made it unsafe to come to school. There were three...
Posted On Feb. 6 2014
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Bemidji Schools Play “Catch-up” to Cold Weather

  Another streak of “cold days” for ¬†school districts across the state as temperatures plummet to below 50-degree wind chills. Most schools in the Lakeland viewing area were canceled Monday and many will remain closed Tuesday. Bemidji Schools has had five school...
Posted On Jan. 27 2014
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Bemidji Schools Invest in Closing Achievement Gap

  Bemidji Schools have approved hiring new staff and implementing programs in a district-wide effort to close the achievement gap. Last week, school administration presented several proposals for improving student success rates to the school board. The board decided Monday...
Posted On Jan. 14 2014
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Bemidji Schools Move Forward with Improvement Plans

  A big move forward for improving Bemidji Schools. In a special school board meeting Wednesday, administration presented major plans for closing the achievement gap, from elementary school and up. Bemidji elementary schools proposed adding several new math assistant...
Posted On Jan. 8 2014
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Bemidji School Board Approves Tax Levy Decrease

  Bemidji residents can look forward to a tax-break come 2014. The Bemidji school board voted in favor of a 7.5-percent tax levy reduction Monday following a “Truth in Taxation” hearing. Recent legislative changes have increased state aid to school districts...
Posted On Dec. 17 2013
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