Common Ground 804 – Shaynowishkung

Follow key people involved in Bemidji’s Shaynowishkung Statue committee as they collaborated with living relatives of the great leader and peacemaker Shaynowishkung, “He Who Rattles”. Hear from those who worked to create an aesthetically high quality, culturally sensitive, and...

Resorts of the Northwoods

“Going to the resort”… a phrase that conjures so many memories and meanings for generations of Minnesotans. From the resort owners and workers who are passionate about their business, to the visitors who eagerly await their escape “up north”, the story of the resort...

Steam Power

People from across northern Minnesota gather at Dalton and Blackberry to celebrate and preserve machinery that transitioned agriculture and industry from animal power, to steam power, to petroleum dependence. What lessons do the past hold for Powering Minnesota into the future?

From Minnesota to Washington DC – The 2014 Capitol Christmas Tree

Follow the U.S. Forest Service Tree Team deep into the Chippewa National Forest for the search, selection and delivery of the 2014 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. This program provides a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the orchestration of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree’s...

Why Treaties?

Host John Parsons, brings viewers on a journey of understanding as he strives to grasp the differing world views that motivated tribal leaders, settlers, and the United States government of the 19th Century. Why Treaties? focuses on the 1863 “Old Crossing Treaty” in...

Harnessing the Headwaters – First Dams On The Mississippi

This documentary explores dams that are a prominent feature of many of the waterways in our region. Viewers will learn about the history of their creation and the ecological, economic, and cultural impact they have had on individuals and communities within the area. Water binds...

Sculpting in Wood and Words: The Art of Kent Nerburn

This Common Ground special, Sculpting in Wood & Words: The Art of Kent Nerburn, details the author’s development from a wood sculptor to a writer of Native American and spiritual subjects. Nerburn reveals insights on his process and details the creation of his latest...

Heartland Symphony Orchestra Spring Concert

The Heartland Symphony Orchestra (HSO) under the direction of Josh Aerie presents Sounds from the Heartland, in celebration of the HSO’s 35th anniversary. This concert features North Country Suite by American composer Rick Sowash and was specially commissioned by the HSO....

Boardwalks to Bike Paths

Boardwalks to Bike Paths takes viewers on an outdoor adventure, exploring the natural resources, history and recreational backdrops that comprise Northern Minnesota’s state parks. From the mile long boardwalk into the wilderness of the Big Bog State Recreation Area to the...

Paddles Up

A behind the scenes look at the Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival.

Birchbark Canoe

Follow Grant Goltz and friends as they create a replica of an 1860’s Ojibwe birchbark canoe. Purchase the DVD Web Extra Birchbark Canoe Web Extra: Grant Goltz Interview

Regaining Food Sovereignty

Written & Directed by Simone Senogles & Scott C. Knudson Regaining Food Sovereignty explores the state of food systems in some Northern Minnesota Native communities; examining the relationship between history, health, tradition, culture and food. By reclaiming and...

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