Common Ground 416 Grand Rapids Forest History Center

In this episode of Common Ground, we’re taking you back to the early days of logging at the Forest History

Common Ground 426 Northern Community Radio KAXE/KBXE

Common Ground visits events of Northern Community Radio including their Great Northern Radio Show, an homage to simpler times of

Common Ground 425 Mike Bredon & Gary Burger: Bemidji Film-makers

Common Ground joins Bemidji Film-makers Mike Bredon and Gary Burger as they create very different types of films. Burger

Common Ground 424

Get Back to Basics in Pine River. This gathering of like-minded individuals explores ways to make agriculture and businesses more

Common Ground 422

In this episode of Common Ground, Levi Brown and Shirley Nordrum instruct young people from Bena and surrounding communities in

Common Ground 421

We salute veteran Robert Follis, who describes his career and presents his collection of military uniforms and artifacts to students

Common Ground 420 Author Kent Nerburn

In this episode of Common Ground, meet Bemidji author Kent Nerburn as he explores the issues that affect Native Americans,

Common Ground 419

In this episode members of the North Country Trail Association and the Minnesota Conservation Corps are clearing a footpath through

Common Ground 418

On this episode of Common Ground, we join youth from all over the country for International Day at Concordia Language

Common Ground 417

In this episode of Common Ground, Ray Boessel, Jr., of Bigfork follows in his late grandfather-in-law’s footsteps, handcrafting birchbark canoes.

Common Ground 415

In this episode of Common Ground, collectors of old tractors gather in Oylen, Minnesota for a bit of nostalgia at

Common Ground 414

In this episode of Common Ground, Kristine Kobernic, owner of Save Our Souls Equine Rescue in Bemidji, converts rescued horses

Common Ground 413

On Common Ground this week, Red Lake potter and sculptor Celia Littlecreek demonstrates the throwing of three different works on

Common Ground 412 Camphill Village

In this episode of Common Ground, volunteers live and work alongside people with disabilities at the Camphill Village Bio-Dynamic Farm

Common Ground 411

In this week’s episode of Common Ground, capture the beauty of the great outdoors with award-winning nature photographer, Mark Harlow,

Common Ground 401 Out of the Hat: Greg Gasman

On the season premiere of Common Ground, Bemidji writers, actors and directors will take viewers behind the scenes of “Out

Common Ground 402

On this week’s episode of Common Ground, nonobjective painter Roger Kast demonstrates the challenge of creating a composition “in the

Common Ground 404

Common Ground chronicles the history, traditions and people who have planted their roots in northern Minnesota. The series gives viewers

Common Ground 405

Common Ground follows Bill Smith from Bemidji throughout the colorful process of creating small batches of fragrant, handcrafted specialty soaps.

Common Ground 406 – Kelly Larson & Deep Portage Learning Center

In this week’s episode of Common Ground, we visit Northern Flights Poultry Farm in Bagley where Kelly Larson raises and preserves heirloom...

Common Ground 407

Take a peek through the lens of Craig Myran’s camera. The Bemidji hobbyist photographer explores nature from “macro” extreme close-up

Common Ground 408

In this episode of Common Ground, jam out with Pat Riegert of Bemidji as he constructs and plays guitars made

Common Ground 409

In this week’s episode of Common Ground, we connect with Dave and Kathy Towley of Bemidji as the couple digs

Common Ground 410

In this episode of Common Ground, carvers from all over the North Country come to Blackduck to show off and

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