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Common Ground 522 – Paul Bunyan Mushroom Club, Mushroom Hunting

Common Ground takers viewers on a mushroom hunt and members share secrets for finding the sought after Morel mushroom. In the final episode of the season, Common Ground takes viewers on a mushroom hunt. Members of the Paul Bunyan Mushroom Club talk about the challenges of...
Posted On Apr. 25 2014
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Common Ground 521 – Mississippi Water Walkers, Sharon Day

Common Ground talks to Water Walker Sharon Day about her walk down the length of the Mississippi. Day is an Anishinaabe grandmother whose Ojibwe name means Singing Wolf.  She brought pure water from the headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico to raise awareness about pollution....
Posted On Apr. 17 2014
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Common Ground 520 – Carter’s Red Wagon Farm Mid-Winter Interlude & Henry Boucha

Meet the creator of a remarkable Corn Maze as Common Ground visits Carter’s Red Wagon Farm in Park Rapids, listen in as Warroad Hockey legend Henry Boucha shares the amazing saga of his life and enjoy the art created by staff and faculty at Bemidji State University all in...
Posted On Apr. 10 2014
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Common Ground 519 – Farm Girls Candace Simar and Angela Foster

Two sisters reminisce in poetry and prose as they return to the family farm and share the triumphs and trials of their immigrant forbears. Candace Simar and Angela Foster walk viewers around the farm, which the family lost due to ill health in 1970, and across to the nearby...
Posted On Mar. 13 2014
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Common Ground 518 – Pirate Play Solway Elementary & Flutist Cody Blackbird

Common Ground follows the process as a theater evangelist initiates second graders into the joys of performing theater and in part two meets an award winning Native American flutist. Cate Belleveau, a long time Bemidji theatre advocate, shares her passion with Solway Elementary...
Posted On Mar. 6 2014
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Common Ground 517 – Communist Mayor & Serbian Sisters in Crosby/Ironton

Common Ground visits Crosby-Ironton to explore how iron mining has impacted both the politics and culture of the Cuyuna Range. The show begins by exploring what was stirring in Crosby that made the 1932 election of a Communist Mayor possible and then steps across to Ironton to...
Posted On Feb. 27 2014
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Common Ground 516 – Minnesota Fishing Museum & Al Baert

From a 1902 electric trolling motor to a unique collection of fishing flies going back to the late 1800’s Common Ground uncovers them all as it takes viewers on a tour of the Minnesota Fishing Museum in Little Falls The founder of the museum, Al Baert, shows viewers a very old...
Posted On Feb. 13 2014
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Common Ground 515 – Art From Within & Nigerian American storyteller Okokon Udo

A Nigerian immigrant presents a one man show that examines the effects of colonial oppression and artist Mike Lemon highlights the role of art in helping a person make a better life. An artist who has “done time” tells what art has come to mean to him and explains its importance...
Posted On Feb. 6 2014
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Common Ground 514 – Crosby Plaza Mural

In this episode of Common Ground, we explore the stories behind a mural on main street that aims to bring revival to the city of Crosby, Minnesota. A traditional sign painter and muralist shares his creative flow as he describes how he blends old photos into a modern portrayal...
Posted On Jan. 30 2014
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Common Ground 513 – Historic Ford Tri-Motor Airplane

Ride along as Common Ground joins an air-tour of Bemidji in a historic airplane. The 1929 Ford Tri-motor is credited with birthing the modern airline industry and Common Ground traces the story with aviation experts from the Experimental Aircraft Association. The show includes...
Posted On Jan. 23 2014
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