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  • Open Meetings — You're Invited

In order to comply with the open meetings requirements of the Communications Act of 1939, 47 USC 396, et seq., as amended and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Certification Requirements, all meetings of the Lakeland Public Television Board and Community Advisory Board for KAWE and KAWB, including their committees, during which official business is being conducted, will be open to the public. Notice will be provided to the public at least one week in advance except in the event of an emergency. The notice shall state the dates, locations and times of the meetings. If meetings are held telephonically, via video conference or via the internet, accommodations for public observation will be made and indicated.

Notice of meetings will also be provided via letter, email, or phone if requested.

Meetings of the Community Advisory Council and Board of Directors are held concurrently in both Brainerd and Bemidji and are linked via a teleconference unless an alternate location is noted. The public may attend these meetings at any of the noted locations. Persons who desire to attend meetings will not be required to register or provide information in order to attend. However, in some instances, security protocols or other procedures may require attendees to provide identification.

Additional information regarding LPTV Board and Community Advisory Council meetings may be obtained by calling 800-292-0922 or emailing

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